Is Bulky demo equipment weighing you down?

We've got a Solution for that.

ScanSource Catalyst has made it easier than ever to demonstrate the benefits of the SMB communications products. With the Virtual Demo Center (VDC), you can provide an in-depth, live demo to potential end-user customers without having to carry bulky equipment from site to site. The VDC makes it easy and cost-effective to demonstrate the benefits of the communications equipment through a secure Internet login that showcases the advantages of IP Office and its associated applications.

With the Virtual Demo Center, you can optimize your demonstrations like never before.

  • Reduce your cost per demo - Save money on shipping fees on bulky equipment that can be easily damaged
  • Demonstrate more effectively - Show a technical overview of live systems without the need for cumbersome configurations
  • Increase your close rate - Differentiate yourself from your competitors and increase the probability of your prospect signing off on a proposal
How it Works

The Virtual Demo Center, maintained by ScanSource Catalyst:

  • Provides fully functional systems with live services available
  • Manages the physical equipment in a central data center
  • Runs on a large scale platforms so you can perform demos on demand
  • Utilizes live trunks in the data center so you can demo voice features
  • Showcases remote access capabilities, since the system is accessed remotely
  • Keeps the demo systems up-to-date with the latest features and firmware
How to Use It

You can decide on the level of interaction – systems can be dedicated (always available) or shared (scheduled availability).

How to Participate
Simply contact your Sales or Business Development representative at 800-790-2029 to schedule a Demo Review with our VDC team.