Creating custom solutions? The possibilities are endless with FlexAbility!

ScanSource is always looking for ways to help you stay ahead of your competition. We believe that having the flexibility to structure what you sell and how you charge for it, in a way that makes the most sense for you and your customer, is just one of the ways to give you an edge. To that end, ScanSource Reseller Financial Services and CIT Vendor Finance are pleased to offer FlexAbility, an innovative approach to structuring financed sales. In addition to allowing you to employ usage-based pricing, bundling, and managed services, CIT’s FlexAbility gives you:

  • The capital you need to acquire new assets
  • A single, detailed invoice for each component of your managed service offering
  • The flexibility needed to modify recurring revenue

FlexAbility gives you endless possibilities for creating custom solutions. What’s more, you can receive payment for a portion (or even all) of the tangible assets – including multiple vendor partners – through your managed services solution.

Ready to change your pricing structures into something more convenient and easy-to-use for your customers and more profitable for you? Contact ScanSource today at or John Baker at 888.365.FLEX (3539).

METC FlexAbility Web Seminar

Check out "The Strength of FlexAbility" web seminar to discover how exactly FlexAbility works and how you can start having it work for you.

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FlexAbility Snapshot