Meet Office Needs With Cables, Chargers and IP Phone Accessories

Invest in IP accessories from ScanSource Catalyst's leading vendors to increase your customers’ VoIP network efficiency. Connect distant IP phone system devices with extended power cables. Enable hands-free multi-tasking and increase productivity with headset attachments, support IP phone network connectivity with interface cards/boards and install up-to-date software licenses so your customers can grow with the latest technology.

ScanSource Catalyst experts handpick and approve industry-leading telephony devices with quality in mind. We choose our distribution line based on reseller needs. Let us assist you with best-fitting accessories, IP phone system training sessions and other services.  

Industry-Leading IP Phone Accessories Inventory

Our experienced team has approved IP phone accessories that promote higher office performance and smoother network connectivity. From effective chargers to durable power cables and more, we help our customers achieve goals faster with a better product pool. 

Our accessories help to complete IP phone systems with:

  • Echo cancellers that silence surrounding noises in loud environments and enhance audio clarity
  • Batteries, chargers and power supplies for consistent IP phone system power supply and energy reliance
  • Microphones and speakers that boost conference-grade speaking abilities and presentation potential 
  • Handsets for efficient telephonic communication
  • Miscellaneous accessories that join main accessory devices to support secure IP phone systems


Telephony spare batteries and battery packs increase talk time and reduce charge time requirements, maximizing daily productivity and operational efficiency. Ideal for applications in small to medium-sized enterprises, these telephone batteries and packs are available in standard and extended form ...... Learn more »

Cables Connectors and Adapters

Designed for universal applications in hospitality, retail, POS, healthcare, manufacturing, logistics and warehousing, best-of-breed telephony cables, adapters and connectors maintain daylong and multi-shift device battery survivability and system connectivity. Hybrid microphone power adapter kits ...... Learn more »

Call Recording Logging Devices

Call recording and logging devices allow you to record between customers and employees.  Whether for order verification, safety and security, customer service, or more, this valuable training and coaching tool can help you increase customer satisfaction and reduce churn rates.  Let Scan ...... Learn more »

Chargers Bases

Our industry-leading catalog of telephony chargers and bases support daylong, multi-shift device battery life. Ideal for small to medium-sized enterprises, best-of-breed Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) chargers and battery charger kits support handset phones and IP phones. These ...... Learn more »

Expansion Modules

Expansion modules for analog and digital media systems offer easily configurable ports that enable and improve rich-media abilities while increasing processing speed. Support more than 15 telephony devices such as telephones, modems, handsets and fax machines with network expansion modules that con ...... Learn more »


Wireless telephony handsets offer any-sized headquarters or enterprise branch boosted employee mobility for decreased response waiting timelines. These high-performing telephone handsets can be deployed either as an independent device for one employee or as a shared device between a team. Excellent ...... Learn more »

Headset Accessories

Industry-leading telephone headset accessories provide enterprise employees with flexible devices that simplify telephone adaptability needs and increase productivity. Perfect for enterprise environments in headquarter and branch offices, these durable telephone headset accessories enable workers t ...... Learn more »


Product licenses for small to large-sized telephony networks are available in various sizes to fit any industry-specific need. These licenses are ideal for applications in emergency centers such as 9-1-1 buildings, police stations, call centers, residential/commercial security system centers and ot ...... Learn more »


Available network expansion modules are perfect for both interior and exterior applications in POS, healthcare, hospitality, government, warehousing, manufacturing and logistics verticals. Network Interface Modules (NIM) devices offer built-in DSU and CSUs for around-the-clock circuit protection an ...... Learn more »

Other Accessories

Improve internal and external communication over long distances. Our linecard of video conferencing accessories includes specialized accessories from industry-leading manufacturers so businesses can build complete, custom video conferencing solutions. From quick and easy desktop conferencing to imm ...... Learn more »

Paging Modules

One-way and talkback paging modules and control units enable single or multi-zone paging potential. Designed for applications healthcare, manufacturing, warehousing, transportation, POS, public access, public safety and educational verticals, available paging modules are built for indoor wall or ta ...... Learn more »


Telephone repeater add-ons maximize audio communication coverage, delivering superior audio feedback quality during phone calls and teleconferences. Universally applicable in any indoor building where headquarter or branch office telecommunications is essential, our industry-leading catalog of tele ...... Learn more »