When you're judging the guest experience, understanding the customer's entire online journey—through reservations, bookings, and more—is key. Because when you know customers' histories, you can better cater to them. Their experiences affect everything, including your reputation, their loyalty to your brand, and your bottom line. It's crucial to have personalized guest services, and "smart" hospitality enables real-time responses to guests' needs. Operational efficiency through technology can create cost savings by improving productivity and efficiency, and also can increase data and information security.


It comes as no surprise that Avaya solutions are trusted by the top-10 global hotel brands. It supports multichannel, allowing interaction with customers via video, social media, phone, and mobile apps, throughout a customer's experience. By creating a highly personalized customer experience at every touchpoint, organizations can use real-time data to make better and more informed decisions to benefit their guests. Avaya's applications also improve communication and collaboration among staff, improving productivity and efficiency, and leading to a higher ROI. Learn more...


Computer Instruments
Computer Instruments improves efficiency by creating automated voice systems, saving time and money. Through eVP, customers can access a self-service portal to make payments, inquire about a balance, and route callers through a series of touch-tone prompts. Additionally, CI's Agent Click-to-Dial provides valuable feedback for hotel or service providers, through a survey application that prompts their customers to answer a series of questions, and the program then logs their responses. Learn more...


Spectralink offers wireless phones that not only provide communication, but also barcode scanners for inventory and price checks, and lightweight, durable handsets to provide clear communication—even in loud environments. These products leverage your facility's existing technology, such as its Wi-Fi infrastructure, to allow real-time communication. Learn more...




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