In both K-12 and higher education, there's an increasing demand for anytime, anywhere learning—with a trend toward the "smart" campus. Students, teachers, and staff all have multiple devices that need to be supported, and remote students are becoming more prevalent. Regardless of the size of the institution, budgets are often strained (along with IT staff), so technology needs to help alleviate costs by creating efficiencies, and with the help of E-Rate-eligible products.


ADTRAN works with school districts and higher-education organizations to support the connectivity needs of today's technology-savvy students. Whether it's BYOD, online learning, or video streaming, ADTRAN switches address today's networking priorities—from bandwidth expansion and VoIP migration to network security. Offering E-Rate-eligible products, ADTRAN delivers collaborative solutions between campuses and multiple geographic locations—integrating easily into existing systems using the "blend and extend" approach, to transition your existing network infrastructure to next-generation networks. Learn more...


Avaya solutions help deliver a more connected, mobile, and safer learning environment. HD video conferencing, audio, and chat support hybrid-classroom learning and online virtual classrooms—so traditional and mobile students can experience the same timely communication and interaction. Avaya cloud solutions allow organizations to lower their costs with pay-as-you-go access to communications and collaboration tools. Whether deploying an on-premises, hybrid, or cloud solution—Avaya products offer scalable, secure communication. Learn more...


Computer Instruments
Computer Instruments offers a portfolio of customizable, cost-effective, self-service, interactive, voice-responsive technology (IVR) solutions, including:
  • Absentee Notification
  • Community Notification
  • Homework Hotline
  • Substitute Locator
Safety in schools and campuses is increasingly a hot topic in today's environment. CI's solutions also include an e-911 Dial Alert that broadcasts to desktops when 911 has been dialed, and an Emergency Notification System (ENS) that dispatches warning alerts to the campus population through land-line phone, cell, email, text message, pager, and smart devices. Learn more...


Jabra offers a variety of headsets and speakerphones fit to meet the needs of teachers, students, or administrators—whether supporting in-classroom multimedia or campus-wide wireless mobility. Compatible with all major devices and phone systems, Jabra is available on many of the largest government-contract vehicles, including GSA, NASPO, and US Communities. Learn more...


Oracle provides help with the functions performed by SBCs—which are becoming more critically important in today's networks, as IP traffic on service-provider access networks increases. High security can be yours through Net-SAFE, which delivers configurability (as an Access SBC, Interconnect SBC, or both) through architectural flexibility, and connects disparate voice platforms. Vendor-agnostic call recording is available, and Net-SAFE can help service providers control costs and increase revenues by integrating IMS functions. It's scalable to support up to one-million subscribers, and can support scalable access networks operating in an SBC cluster as well. Learn more...



Power is the backbone of today's educational environments, and downtime is not an option. Backup UPS helps institutions have maximum uptime, to keep everything running—including lighting, the network closet, and computer labs. With E-Rate-eligible products from our vendors, schools can help protect their IT environment for less.

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