Easily Integrate Modems to Connect Business Networks

Help your customers fuel increased business operations while experiencing the fastest dial-up rates and decreasing their ecological footprint. Simplify storage and operation with device integration, stacking options and desktop or panel mounting availability. Find the ruggedness, flexibility and functionality businesses need to grow with analog and digital modems from ScanSource Catalyst.  

ScanSource Catalyst gives resellers access to industry-leading network modems for dial-up and wireless communication systems. We empower resellers with leading online tools and value-added services.  

Embedded Analog Network Modems and Wireless Versatility

Numerous environments are suitable spots for wireless networking modems.  POS (point-of-sale) areas can utilize embedded modems at the time of payment.  Network modems allow for more efficient credit and debit card transactions.  Electrical companies can better measure daily water and power usage through embedded modems. 

Movie rental companies can expedite rental orders for residential movie viewing through cable or satellite service.  Embedded network modems help enterprises to increase network efficiency and data transmission rates.  

Our thoughtfully selected inventory presents your customers with a comprehensive set of features, including: 

  • Parallel or serial interfaces
  • Synchronous and asynchronous support
  • V.44 compression for faster data throughput
  • Standard telephony interface support via analog ports
  • Intelligent DDA technology

ScanSource Catalyst is devoted to bringing you the products you need and the unparalleled services you deserve. Choose wireless networking modems manufactured by name brands.

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  • MultiModem ISI Modem Cards

    The MultiModem ISI modem card delivers dial-up remote access or can be used as a dedicated fax server. It provides four or eight built-in high-speed modems for low-cost, high-density, server-based re

    MultiModem ZBA Modem

    The MultiModem ZBA business modem provides high-speed data, remote configuration for centralized setup and control, and callback security making the ZBA our most popular modem for business applicatio

    MultiModem ZDX Modem

    The MultiModem ZDX delivers the highest-speed dial-up for integrated voice, data transfers and faxing capabilities making it ideal for the mainstream PC market, as well as with UNIX, medical and reta

  • MultiTech Analog Modems

    MultiTech modems connect legacy equipment to the IP network easily and affordably with PSTN connectivity via serial, USB or PCI-type (e.g., UPCI- or PCIE-bus) devices. External modems are available f

    MultiTech MultiConnect Cell 100 Modem

    The MultiConnect Cell 100 Series cellular modems are fully certified and carrier approved, so you can deploy faster and get your devices communicating. The MultiConnect Cell 100 Series deliver fast,

    QuickCarrier USB-D Dongles

    The QuickCarrier USB-D cellular external dongle is an industrial-grade USB that plugs directly into devices to enable immediate communication with your carrier network. The QuickCarrier USB-D deliver