Customize Your Network with Quality Accessories

From startups to enterprise-level businesses, our sales representatives can help you design a custom plan so businesses can better store data while ensuring a stronger, more secure communication network.      

Expand data storage ability with added memory and peripheral PC cards.  Consolidate space and increase power supply organization with cables, mounting kits and brackets. Implement more efficient communication channels with high-performing antennas.

ScanSource Catalyst, a leading, value-added distributor, knows the market. We provide our resellers with advanced technology and services to grow and support their business. Plus, our in-stock inventory ensures that you receive the products you need, right on time. 

The Best Data Networking Brands, The Products You Need

Our customers are important to us. That’s why ScanSource Catalyst is devoted to bringing you the products you need and the unparalleled services you deserve. 

ScanSource Catalyst offers value-added resellers leading data networking accessories.  Our variety of data networking accessories includes antennas base stations, cables and adapters, integrated access device, interface devices, media blades, memory, mounting kits, hardware and brackets, network management devices, PC cards, power supplies, power cords and other accessories.

Choose data networking accessories from trusted manufacturers.


Find industry-leading network antennas for no hassle WLAN network access in every workspace, indoor or out. ScanSource Catalyst provides resellers with a selection of networking antennas to deliver extended coverage for buildings of all shapes and sizes, from small to large branches. Design a wirel ...... Learn more »

Cables Connectors and Adapters

As your business grows, make sure your network can keep up. At ScanSource Catalyst, we understand the complexities and challenges of business growth, including the need for to support more communications data without downtime. Our high performance network cables and adapters are hand selected by ex ...... Learn more »

Integrated Access Devices

Integrated Access Devices (IADs) converge voice, data and video for an efficient, low-cost data collection solution. ScanSource Catalyst provides resellers with access to IADS featuring advanced firewall security, QoS and voice quality monitoring. With secure and intelligent switching, these integr ...... Learn more »

Media Blades

Media blades are the building blocks of cost-effective voice and video communications networks. Get high performance processing packed into a single space and energy-saving blade chassis. Media processing blades simplify network architecture and allow for quick deployment of IP conferencing capabil ...... Learn more »


Data Networking Memory Availability Optimizes System Scalability. ...... Learn more »

Mounting Kits Hardware and Brackets

From brackets to bolts, ScanSource Catalyst has all of the mounting hardware you need for efficient installation of your network devices. Get rack mounting equipment, kits and accessories designed to secure your industry-leading networking access points, routers, antennas and switches for a perfect ...... Learn more »

Network Management Devices

Get the visibility you need to efficiently manage your network traffic with innovative network management devices. At ScanSource Catalyst, we provide our resellers with access to the best network management technology on the market. Our networking management devices give administrators access to in ...... Learn more »

Other Accessories

Miscellaneous data networking accessories support improved network capabilities in universal applications in POS, hospitality, healthcare, government, manufacturing, warehousing, transportation and logistics verticals. Expand remote access to network servers via Virtual Private Network (VPN) licens ...... Learn more »

PC Cards

Connect desktop and mobile devices to networks with reliable PC cards for uninterrupted business operations. PC cards allow the integration of additional devices into existing wireless networks for new mobile employees and off-site teams. They also enable internet access in conference rooms with li ...... Learn more »

Power Supplies and Cords

Get power supply units and power cords that keep networks up and running. The experts at ScanSource Catalyst select the best industry products, so you can be confident you’re providing your customers with the right means to achieve uninterrupted data networking. We can help you develop your p ...... Learn more »