Spectralink VERSITY retail wireless mobile communications solutions

From keeping inventory stocked up, to closing a sale by giving customers instant answers, the world of retail is fast-paced—with many moving parts that require speedy and accurate communication.

VERSITY wireless, Voice-over, Wi-Fi handsets from Spectralink are easy for retail staff to use, providing the durability and reliability needed to optimally perform in a busy retail environment. Retailers that outfit their stores with technology that improves efficiency and personalization make the in-store shopping experience pleasurable—improving sentiment for their brands.

Top retailers across the country use VERSITY wireless communications solutions to connect staff at all times, keep stores running smoothly, and improve customer satisfaction with better service. From grocery stores and household-item vendors, to auto retailers and apparel stores, VERSITY devices improve teamwork and operations to positively impact customers.

VERSITY for retail features

Every aspect of a retailer can benefit from the use of VERSITY wireless handsets. VERSITY mobile devices help salespeople to assist customers and provide them with the products that fit their needs, while they ensure stores operate optimally as inventory needs are met. Just a few of the applications of VERSITY in retail settings include:

Secure communication

Salespeople can answer questions and present products without ever leaving the customer's side. Using the VERSITY wireless handset, secure text messages can be sent to co-workers for assistance, so that the shopping experience becomes faster and less stressful for customers.

Security issues, such as potential shoplifting threats, can be quietly communicated, so shoppers are not distressed. Message copying and distribution outside the facility can be restricted, so retailers can control exactly who sees store communications, and how long messages are viewable.

Sales assistance

For items that might be missing price information, or for customers who want to know stock levels or price comparisons, VERSITY can automatically access product and inventory management information. By holding the customer's attention and immediately providing shoppers with information, salespeople are more likely to secure a sale.

Optional barcode scanners in the VERSITY handsets allow salespeople to conduct transactions without making customers wait in a long check-out line. For products that are out of stock, a sales associate can order the items online for the customer quickly, right in the store.

Improved productivity and workflow management

Beginning in the store's warehouse facilities, managers can use VERSITY to check stock levels and instantly alert stores to shipment or fulfillment issues. Since VERSITY integrates seamlessly with the third-party solutions retailers are already using, the wireless handset technology streamlines operations and allows employees to never to miss a beat.

When sales associates notice inventory is missing, VERSITY allows them to communicate without disturbing shoppers. Reorder alerts can be issued instantly, as supplies are able to be monitored and tracked across devices.

VERSITY wireless solutions—easy for everyone to use

VERSITY handsets have similar builds and interfaces to smartphones, ensuring every sales associate can quickly understand how to use them and successfully apply their features in a variety of settings. For especially busy times in the store, temporary and new staff hires can easily use VERSITY technology to maximize profitability for the brand. Built on the Android operating system, the intuitive design of VERSITY devices make them adaptable to diverse enterprises.

Implementing wireless technology within stores helps retailers keep up with data-driven competitors that are making the in-store shopping experience more user-friendly. Spectralink VERSITY devices are meant to reliably last for years—as they are resistant to damage caused by shock, liquid, or dust, and suitable for multiple environments.

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